Forrer filter nozzles

Filter nozzle applications for drinking, industrial and waste water techniques

Forrer filter nozzles

Forrer filter nozzles type 2010

  • Filter nozzle head with movable lamellas reduces clogging
  • Appropriate for iron, manganese and other depositions
  • Well-tried in the upgrade of existing filter bottoms
  • Appropriate for Single and Multi-layer filters
  • Favorable pressure loss and optimal air and water distribution at backflush
  • Insensitive to filter breaches
  • Significant saving of construction volume
  • Avoidance of dead zones
  • Effective treatment of the filter mass over the entire filter bed area
  • Lamella spaces 0.4 mm
  • Robust design
  • Reliable resistance to corrosion, ozone- and chlorine-resistant
  • Simple installation
  • Protected by patents
  • Reference list
Forrer filter nozzles

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