These filter nozzles were developed for use in drinking, industrial and waste water technology and have been established and proven over many years as an efficient filter method.

Forrer filter nozzle type 2010 with bottom disc

Forrer Filderduse Typ 2010

  • Filter nozzle head with movable lamellas reduces clogging
  • Appropriate for iron, manganese and other depositions
  • Well-tried in the upgrade of existing filter bottoms
  • Appropriate for Single and Multi-layer filters
  • Favorable pressure loss and optimal air and water distribution at backflush
  • Insensitive to filter breaches
  • Significant saving of construction volume
  • Avoidance of dead zones
  • Effective treatment of the filter mass over the entire filter bed area
  • Lamella spaces 0.4 mm
  • Robust design
  • Reliable resistance to corrosion, ozone- and chlorine-resistant
  • Simple installation
  • Protected by patents
  • Reference list

Technical description

Forrer filter nozzle for open filters

  • Nozzle body type 2010 PP
  • Thread 20 mm 1"Wh
  • 2 ventilation and 2 flushing holes
  • 6 lamellas 0.4 mm type PP 12 burls
  • Bottom disc
Filter plates
Filter nozzle
120 118 280
160 160 320
200 200 360

Forrer filter nozzle steel tank design

  • Nozzle body 173 mm, type 2010 PP
  • Thread 40 mm, 1"Wh
  • 1 ventilation and 2 flushing holes
  • 6 lamellas 0,4 mm type 2010 PP 12 burls
  • Bottom disc
  • Counter nut PP

Storage and installation instructions

  1. The filter nozzles have to be treated carefully at unpacking – not pouring out.
  2. The storage of the filter nozzles should comply with lightproofing and normal temperature specifications.
  3. Before the installation, the surfaces of the holders have to be cleaned and there shall be no impurities in the thread.
  4. The filter nozzles have to be screwed in manually and tighten with a torque wrench. The torque should be in the range of 6.0 – 8.0 Nm.
  5. The particle size diameter of the used filter material should not be smaller then 0.5 mm.
  6. For the cleaning of the filter nozzles no organic solvents are allowed to be used.
  7. The holders have to be clamped in the Installation device such that no cracks arise.
  8. The 'stepping' on the screwed in filter should be avoided.

For further information or if you have any questions, please contact us on +41 44 439 19 19.

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